Friday, 2 August 2013

I have my husband back after divorce

You should leave after nearly 30 years of marriage change event. Here you can read about my experience of separation and divorce. Divorce / separation, which was something that did not exist in my world of thoughts. We were married for almost 30 years, a good marriage, well behaved children fine, etc.. Sure, we had our arguments, but differ in that the road was long, I thought.
A dark, rainy autumn day my husband wanted to talk to me. We took a walk and told me she wanted a divorce. I thought he was joking, but soon realized that he was serious. It was like someone stuck a knife in the stomach and twisted. The pain experienced when I can not describe in words. Everything was chaos. How could it be with the kids? What would my future life, home, friends, well, everything spinning. We went home. I could not be home, but he went to a few good friends. Just talk to someone. I felt like I was suffocating.
Everything happened very quickly. After a month he had purchased a house and moved out. Christmas came, it was a disaster. Only much later did I realize that I lived in a state of shock. I was very creative. Adjusted for all. For me, it was good to go for a job.
I contacted the church family where they had to come speak to a wonderful woman. You made me realize that my life would go. Something I guess my closest friends. They called on a regular basis, doing things with me. I wanted to separate them, I could do it "live", but I wanted to talk about something else was still good. I felt so bad, so I could not call, but my friends do.
Today, three years later, my husband and I live together. I have to change my ex after realizing that I had to. This is what I have done.
First hear without the solutions offer the ability to shut your partner some of the questions and thoughts against him to load.
Second auction in peace and silence quickly Instead of telling about all the problems, concerns and thoughts during the day, we can offer our partners a moment of peace and quiet before the release of our time.
Fourth, the needs of your partner in stressful situations have to feel a greater need in general, loved and appreciated. Woo your partner how he or she feels most loved.
Fifth Make your home a safe place to leave your home a safer and more relaxed in life where you can enjoy an effortless existence.
Sixth lower their expectations if the pressure is too high, and think we are not always rational. Lower your expectations and talk about what expectations you have for them and what their main needs are for these conditions.
Seventh, that your partner is with the family! Although we believe we can create our partners by managing all the work and planning of the house, chances are that ultimately put our partners outside the family, if not we involved in the daily routine.

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