Wednesday, 14 November 2012

love changes

ph: minezoo

I remember when everything between us was spine tingling and wet palms and making out and you gave me butterflies and I made you want to stay up all night just to talk to me.

And of course, they say, life can�t go on that way. You can�t be madly, passionately in love forever. So that love changes, it morphs.

It becomes the mundane. What we have now. The kisses hello and goodbye, the
compulsory �I love yous�, the lack of sexual excitement. But it�s only been 9 months. And yes, we�ve lived together for three of them and you haven�t had a job so I�ve been supporting us both�.

But is this right?

Sometime I don�t know if I love you and that brings tears to my eyes because I think it means I don�t.

But you�re the very best person I�ve ever met in my life. Boys like you don�t exist. This perfect concoction of tough and sweet and endlessly patient.

And I�m so fucking sorry but I don�t know how much longer I can do this.

But I don�t know how I could ever be without you either.

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