Thursday, 20 September 2012

give me a chance

ph: Tamarita Rocknroll

You�re perfect. Maybe a little bit too perfect for me.

But what does it take for you too trust me? I have done nothing wrong besides being the girl I was in the past. And even that wasn�t wrong! I was simply lost and did shit, real heavy shit. I have learned my lessons. Why can�t you see past that? Why can�t you see who I am now rather than who I was then? I like you, a lot. But I know that I won�t be able to open up myself too you if you still see the girl I was back then.

I can�t help it that I was the crazy drunken girl who gave myself to a couple of guys. I can�t help that you�ve always been a straight a student who never gets drunk and is still a virgin. You and me are total opposites. I am the total opposite of what you seek in a girl but still you like me and I you. Why can�t that be enough? Why can�t you just give me a chance?

/ Sl. Brod

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